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How To Make Money Online With Clientivity

The hotel industry has always been a profitable business for the owner and a relief for the traveler and/or tourist. Studies show that travelers, nowadays are doing research before making reservations online, chasing for the best rates on the web. Most of the time people check different hotel websites to find the best deal that fits their budget. Various hotel properties have applied "best rate guarantee" or "best deal" for those who make reservations from the hotel website. However, this is possibly done when the hotel has a strong brand image and is constantly promoting its website. Nonetheless, a lot of hotels still count on travel intermediaries to service their online booking. This is not only because of website popularity but also because building a reservation system is considered as a big investment.

    Like any other business, the Hotel Industry opens up socio-economic opportunities for both owner and customer. It has the function of providing hospitality services to customers. These customers can be travelers, foreigners, businessmen, tourists, visitors, etc... Customers are mostly strained in trying to get a room to pass the night. The traditional way is to search for a hotel when you have arrived at your destination, walk in and find out whether there is a room available. In the case that there is no room, you have to search elsewhere. If all the closest hotels are fully booked or out of your budget, this might become a big hassle especially if you arrive late at night.
   One advantage of booking a hotel, flight or car rental online is the convenience. It just makes everything easier. Recently, while doing some research on online hotel booking websites to get the best deals on hotels, we discovered this amazing platform called Clientivity pretending to help people find the best deal on the internet. Through the platform, you can save up to 30 % off on hotels worldwide and even earn money back from your own booking (5-10% back). Sounds amazing right!?? Yes, It is.

So what is Clientivity?

  Well, Clientivity is a hotel booking software platform that empowers members to save and earn both time and money on personal, group and corporate travel. The platform is free, easy to use, and takes 2 minutes to setup which means you have nothing to lose. They've built powerful tools to help you schedule and manage your upcoming hotel reservations. Their dedicated account representatives assist you with your next reservations. They specialize in offering discounted hotel rates in over 3500 cities around the world and their customers benefit from member-only pricing plus five-star customer service. They offer unbeatable rates at your favorite hotels and resorts. You can select from thousands of hotels worldwide and book within seconds from any mobile device or desktop.

How does it work?
  1. You select any city, enter your trip details
  2. Rates are sent instantly via email/text message
  3. Open your email/text message link
  4. Compare, Book and Save

Why do they send rate?
   Travel companies are prohibited from publishing rates that are below retail online. By sending their customers and members rates using a text message and or email address they are able to pass along additional discounts that you won't be able to find on any online travel website.


Why is this opportunity priceless?

   The reason why we think this opportunity is amazing (which made us create our own Clientivity site after we did our researches and tested their software) is simply because they give you access to incredible discounts on hotels and plus that, you get to earn money back. This is the perfect way for anyone who travels a lot or plans to travel soon, to save money on their reservations. The platform can serve you as a deal finder, trips planner, agenda, expenses manager etc... In our opinion, this platform is perfect for personal or family's use. You can also share your unique website with your friends to help them save money while you are getting commissions for their booking. You can turn this into a business as well and make tons of money. Matter of fact we think it is the main reason they have created this platform, to make possible for anyone to own an online based hotel business. But to be successful in this business, it will require some marketing skills, an audience to promote your services to, you will have to build a strong online presence etc... One of the first users, Jordan Spitz has made millions through the platform.


       Anyways, If we're sharing this opportunity, it's more for a personal use. It will suit perfectly travelers, tourists, businessmen, companies or any individual into hotel and resort's business. If you feel like this opportunity might be beneficial to you and want to give it a shot then don't hesitate and start here, it's risk-free and it only takes about 2 minutes to set up everything. Or if you wanna see how it work first, give it a try on our website here (you don't need to book or pay anything, it's just to see the process). Tell your family, your friends or anyone you think this might be useful to. They will thank you later. Feel free to leave any question or inquiry in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't yet.  




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