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How To Build a Successful Instagram Account

Influencers and big pages that are crushing the game on Instagram aren't doing any magic. Their success is mainly based on the quality of their contents, their creativity, and all the work they put in building their profile. That's what makes their page attractive and successful. We've started our travel blog's journey a few weeks ago and have learned a lot about how to effectively build a stunning Instagram page. Our account has grown super fast since then and we are still working on it to bring to a whole new level. We've been inspired by many other influencers accounts, not only travel but also any other successful account. We take example on those accounts and constantly make changes to ours.
Without further due, let us share with you 4 tips that we've been using that made our Instagram page looks more attractive, helped us stand out and grow considerably our audience.



Having a theme for your page is important because when people first land on it, they wanna know what's your page about? what kind of content you are posting, what's your style? If you are a travel blogger or landscape and urban photographer, then you should only be posting some travel, landscape, and urban photos. If you are a food or fashion blogger then, you should only be posting about food or fashion. Basically, all your contents should be about that specific subject that you chose or something related to that. It's your visual topic. You can choose 2, 3 or 4 topics if you want to but the most important thing is to stick to them. The reason why, is simple, if you are a landscape photographer and people know you, follow you and like your contents because of your stunning landscape photos and you decide to post about food, be sure that you are not gonna get the same engagement on that food's post compared to what you usually get on your landscape photos even if it's a good food photo. Here is a video to show you some stunning account's feeds with different themes.

Here is what our actual Instragram's feed looks like. (@voyagesaver)


Your Instagram's bio is the first thing people see after your profile picture and your name. It's a good way to let people know a little bit more about you, what you do, what you like or what you're passionate about. A good tip is to keep your bio simple but original. You can add something personal to make it stands out. Some people like to write inspirational quotes or something they have achieved or excel in. The purpose is to inspire others. Well, you're free to write whatever you like but make sure it is special.



The only way to make your followers keep up with you and secure them is to always post good quality content (You don't need a fancy camera though, a good phone's camera should be enough). Blurry pictures are not attractive.
If you want to build the trust, your photos and videos should always be nice quality, sharp, consistent and inspirational in some way. Your best tool to crush the game every time, is your creativity, your imagination. Be different, show something new, or take example on something that has already been done and better it. Consistency is the key. Don't be average !!! You can also make your posts interesting with good captions. Remember as well that you need to be active, post frequently otherwise it will cost you some of your audience. A good posting frequency is every two days or 2 times a week. That's just our opinion, you can post daily if you want. It all depends on the purpose of your page. Stories are a good way to keep your audience entertained the days you don't post.



One thing for sure that makes a visitor scroll through your feed to see more, is his aesthetic. It's what makes your page attractive. Your feed represents your digital resume, your online portfolio, your online identity etc... Your feed overall layout is the first impression you make. It should inspire, give a visual experience, have a cohesive flow. To make it stands out, you can choose to use the same color pallets, or the same filter or the same style on all your photos. That way it gives the same overall look. You can anytime switch color pallets or filter but don't mix up things cause you might mess up your feed aesthetic. Another tip to make your feed clean is to manage the way your photos look together. One way to make sure you post in the right order is to use the app called Planoly (download here) or Preview (download here). We've been using them for a while now and trust us they have helped us a lot. These apps have the Instagram feed look and allow you to move your photos around, play with them to see how they look next to each other before you even post them. They give you a preview of your Instagram feed. 

You can use Snapseed, VSCO or Preview to edit your photos as well. You can learn how to choose a good color theme for your page, how to manage, plan and edit your photos here. Another simple way is to edit your photo on Instagram or on your computer if you are a pro.

Well, that was all the interesting tips we want to share with you. We've been applying them all since we started our new travel Instagram page and all we can say is, it's working perfectly for us and our page looks amazing. We hope you've learned at least something new that could help you succeed more on Instagram. Applying these tips will help you stand out for sure. The use of social media has reached a whole new level. You can reach and network with people all over the world. For us, Instagram is the way to go if you wanna brand or promote yourself ( if you're an individual, you only need 3K followers to become an influencer), build a brand or a business, advertise etc... Building an online presence nowadays can help you achieve a lot. If you guys have any good tip that works for you, please share in the comments below. We'll give it a try and eventually update this article. Also feel free to subscribe, We will be posting new articles every week so stay tuned. If you have any suggestion or question please let us know down below. 

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