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4 Powerful Ways To Grow Your Instagram For Free

Growing an Instagram account has become a thing these days, especially for businesses and influencers. Increasing your audience's size on Instagram is one thing, creating visibility for yourself or your brand is another. Know how to distinguish between the two. As you might probably have noticed, the struggle is getting real for average and small accounts to get more exposure and engagement since Instagram has changed his algorithm. The accounts that are getting the most engagement are the popular ones. Today we're giving you some easy and free tips to increase your visibility. This post will break down 4 simple and powerful ways to not remain invisible on Instagram and get more exposure which means more engagement.



The use of hashtags is an effective way to get more exposure and engagement. Some of you might be wondering why we're talking about hashtags because everybody already knows using them, will give you visibility. But ask yourself these questions: am I using the right hashtags? Am I using them properly? Most of the time, people use popular hashtags hoping to get a lot of engagement. Indeed you might get few likes and comments but it could be different if you use less popular hashtags. The reason is simple: for example, if you have a small account and only use popular hashtags on your posts you will probably never rank on the top posts based the hashtags you use (except if you post something that goes viral). This is just because the bigger accounts that use the same hashtags you use, will most likely appear on those hashtags top posts and will be featured on the explore page as well. We realized that when one of our posts went viral the first hour after posting it. This happened because we simply used a less popular hashtag that made us rank first on the top posts of that specific hashtag. Even after two days, our picture was still there. So basically all the people that searched that specific hashtag saw our post ranking first, which led to more engagement and, more engagement you get from that hashtag, more chance you have to rank high on other hashtags you use. Does that make sense to you? And plus that, you might get the chance to be featured on the explore page.

PS: You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post but we recommend to not go up to 20. Be careful with the way you use them, don't use the same hashtags over and over. Try to use different ones every time you post to avoid getting shadowbanned by Instagram. You can also use hashtags in your stories to get more exposure.



This feature is a good way to get more visibility and boost your engagement. The way it works is pretty simple. If you post a picture or a video with a specific location and that post gets a lot of engagement within the first hour after posting, your post might get the chance to be featured on the top posts of that specific location you added. Which means everybody that search that location will see your post. It's similar to the hashtags. Another effective way to use the geolocation is to tag your location in your stories. They will appear in the location's story and you will get more views. You can tag your username as well, which can result in your profile getting visited, bringing new followers and some likes.


Why should you join an engagement group? Well, they are a successful asset to share your content and engage with people with the same interest as you. It's like a community of people passionate about the same thing. Joining an engagement group will potentially help you grow, get more engagement, network with people in your niche. You can also get inspired by other members work. The main purpose of these groups is to help each other grow. It's all about showing love and support. Being a member of one of those group, means you are supposed to like and comment on every new post from other members. They will return the favor when you post something new too. There are plenty of engagement groups on Instagram in different categories that you can join or create your own. Also, there are bigger engagement groups created on the app called Telegram that can hold up to 50K+ people per group since Instagram's groups are limited to 15 persons. It's a good way to create a good and larger community. You can download the app, create a group and just invite people to join in. Check existing Telegram groups here.


Everliker is a free social marketing automation tool for Instagram. It likes posts on your behalf right from your Chrome Browser. Liking posts brings attention to your profile as some people check you back when they see you liked them. If your content resonates with people who checked you back they might like or even follow your account. Engaging with them might help you secure them. Everliker uses Instagram cookies stored in your browser to simulate human activity and make HTTP requests. That's why it does not ask for your Instagram account id or password. At midnight likes counter resets to 0. It also takes a long sleep at night and wakes up at about 8 am in the morning. It is designed to do so. It should however consistently deliver the daily quota of likes given, make sure that your computer is on and connected to the Internet for long enough. Liking by tag is the simplest strategy. You set a list of tags separated by space or comma and choose the daily likes speed.
Every time Everliker wakes up, it will pick one of the tags at random, then scan about 200 recent posts for that tag and like some of them before going to sleep. It will try to detect posts that contain porn-spam or that were made by a bot and will ignore them. This is an in-built behavior and can not be changed. Home feed, also called timeline, consists of the posts made by the people you're following. You can follow certain accounts manually and set up 'Liking my feed' task type to target them. Liking my feed task type is also used to retain your followers if you're mutually following them. It also targets specific geo-locations. It yields best results if your clients or target audience are frequently found in a certain place. The most powerful of the targeting strategies, but generally the slowest one to run. Typically gives the best conversion rates. You set the user accounts to target, Everliker will scan X most recent followers of those accounts, visit their pages and like one or more of their posts. Great when used with your competitor or similar accounts or accounts that your target audience is following. It also a powerful post filtering options. Everliker is designed for personal use and not to facilitate a bot factory or a marketing agency.



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